Our Experts

Our Experts

Our associates are our treasured connections, who add value to not only our operations and delivery team but also to their local education ecosystem. Educational Mentoring India Associates are handpicked experts and educators who have been contributing to the education industry efficiently. It is a matter of pride and privilege to associate with refined members of the fraternity.

R Buvana

Mrs R Buvana

Associate Consultant

(Chandigarh, Punjab)

R. Buvana  is a highly talented, skilled and dynamic educational leader with 23 years of experience in K-12 segment. She has a proven track record

in maintaining excellent educational environment, increasing student’s academics and in collaborating with school communities. She has worked as a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal in various schools in Punjab and Noida.
She is an expert in school management and implementation of Guidelines to run the school to it optimum efficiency level. She firmly believes in ‘lead by self-example. Service before self is her guiding principle. Honesty, Integrity, loyalty and dedication towards her profession and the institution are the few parameters which she has never compromised throughout her career. Her enthusiasm, initiative and innovative attitude is what that has sailed her and through all challenges. She holds degrees in M.Sc.(Physics),M.Phil.(Nuclear Physics),M.Sc.(E.E),B.Ed. PhD(Pursuing).

Ms Archana Madhusudan

Associate Consultant

(Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Archana Madhusudan is a humble teacher, in the education industry for two decades and has essayed the roles of lecturer for junior and degree colleges. 

She is also a resource person for cbse, icse and state boards, POSH certified corporate trainer for voice and accent, spoken and written skills, virtual trainer for competitive exams ( SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE), speaker, moderator and MC for several global forums and events and a Chapter Director, Laja. She is also a youtuber with the name Braintunes with Archana. Her expertise is in English, Sanskrit and has recently forayed into Emotional intelligence and Neuroscience as well.

Dr Margaret

Dr Margaret Augustine

Associate Consultant


Dr. Margaret Augustine with degrees BA , MA, B. Ed , PHD ( Honorary ) is an expert in school management.  For the last 12 years She has been

a remarkably successful principal and a trainer, she has conducted 100s of training sessions for teachers in reputed schools. She has won several awards for her innovative and creative contributions to Indian education. Currently she is the Principal of Kirpal Sagar Academy, Punjab. Previously she was the Co-Ordinator of K.L.E Society’s Institute of Faculty Development which provides training to teachers of 16  CBSE schools of K.L.E Society in and around Belgaum and Bangalore. She has been an educationist for the last 18 years.  She has served several reputed CBSE Schools in various capacities as Principal, Acting Principal, and Headmistress in the last 18 years. She served DPS Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant as Teacher cum Counselor for more than 8 years. She is a specialist in teaching strategies and conduct Training programs for trainers with my rich experience as an educationist and with charisma to create synergy and passion. She possess Excellent communication skills, Leadership qualities; ability to lead the teams. 

Rajesh Nakka

Mr Rajesh Kumar Nakka

Associate Consultant


Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nakka is “Gate Qualified”, “M.Tech” graduate from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam from the year 2002. Worked in SVL Infotech, 

“Tata Consultancy Services” until 2015. He acquired experience of working with companies like “Verizon”, “Ericssion”, “British Telecom”, “Cable and Wireless Worldwide”, “Saudi Telecom Company” and “Telenor Norway”. Rajesh started Sathyamedha Business Solutions in the year 2015. Among other achievements, SMBS has rich experience of implementing ERP for large and medium size companies.

Dr Augustine

Dr Augustine Isaac

Associate Consultant

(Kerala and Tamil Nadu)

Dr.Augustine Isaac is an expert in English and Education with degrees. BA, MA, M .Ed, D.litt, PHD in both. He is reputed for his great competence

in both and a consolidated experience of 25 years in teaching English. For past 8 years He has been remarkably successful as principal of DPS Vizag.  
He is a great inspiring and eloquent speaker on a whole range of topics related to educational psychology, educational practices and innovative teaching.
He has conducted hundreds of highly effective seminars on variety of contemporary educational topics. He has given thousands of lectures on educational psychology, Current trends in education educational leadership, learning strategies and new educational policy NEP. 

Farhat Jahan

Ms Farhath Jahan

Associate Consultant

(Saidabad, Hyderabad)

Farhath Jahan has an extensive experience of 11 years in the field of Education, Counselling and Rubik cube Trainer. Graduating with distinction

in Mathematics she went on to pursue a course from UCLA in Counselling. She is a dynamic and doubles up as a Rubik Cube trainer and Counsellor. She had ample exposure working with some prestigious organizations as Elementary educator. Her knowledge about career options and guiding students towards their interests is exemplary. As a Rubik cube trainer helps improve focus and concentration. She tactfully trains students to improve their visualization while working on eye hand coordination. Her passion for teaching and a warm heart for the kids make her a competent teacher. Farhath Jahan holds a double graduate degrees(B.Sc in Mathematics in 2000 and B.Ed in Mathematics and English in 2004). She has also worked as a facilitator, subject coordinator and exam supervisor for ICSE Xth class board exams for two consecutive years. She has also hands on experience of teaching Mathematics using Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence and Eric Jensen’s Brain Compatible learning theories. Farhath’s rich exposure make her an excellent counsellor and trainer. She is a superb problem solver and compassionate educator.

Ms Vidhyut

Ms Vidhyut P Sahare

Associate Consultant

(Vijaynagar, Pune)

Vidhyut is electricity in Devnagari and Ms Vidhyut believes in totally living her name, ‘fast and enlightening’, especially in the field of education. 

A Structural Engineering drop out for good and with over 25 years of experience in imparting knowledge, Vidhyut has always been in the process of learning, she strongly believes that knowledge imparting is the process of “upgradation on both the ends, the one who learns and the one who facilitates learning”. Vidhyut is a acting Principal with Abhishek English School Moshi, PCMC. The journey to the Principal’s seat started way back 25 years, with a pre-school teaching experience and with immediate transportation to the mid-school as the management was satisfied with teaching standards and tools. Vidyut pursued the “Bachelor’s Degree in applied education- B-Ed” after the experience of practical teaching for about 13 years. This has benefited her to come up with a deeper understanding of education and educational values which has encouraged newer modules of imparting wholesome knowledge to the students. The process of facilitating learning from grass roots of schooling to administer of school has helped in dealing with students, Teaching Staff and non-teaching staff with sheer sensitivity and sensibility, binding the two together. Vidhyut is perusing Master’s in Psychology and has to plans to pursue PHD in the same, this is another feather to her cap, this will enhance her to in-corporate, the new education system of 5+3+3+4 efficiently as she she has always believe in this policy of teaching.
Sahare has had an detailed experience of auditing as she progressed as a chief auditor for the company V SOLVE, in the year 2016 In CMS school Nigdi, Pune. Counselling is the innate personality trait that has been advanced with the rich school experience and has  experience of more than 5 years in school administration

Ms Bhoomika

Associate Consultant

(Delhi, NCR)

Bhoomika is an Early Years Educationist, trainer and is actively working on upgrading of skills within this field.


She is is a qualified ECCE,CHILD PSYCHOLOGY DIPLOMA, PSYCHOLOGY (hons)pursuing, B.A ENGLISH, COMMERCIAL ARTIST and has also worked for some K 12 startups.

Ms Manisha

Ms Manisha P Nandekar

Associate Consultant

(Talegaon, Pune)

Manisha Nandedkar has almost 15 Years of experience behind her in the field of Training, Education and Administration. She holds three PG Degrees

M. A. English (2003), Master in Mass Relations (2005) and B. Ed in 2013. Manisha started her career as a Spoken English Trainer with ICA Kolkata and Pune, Elixir Ahmednagar and Pune, KV MIRC, Ahmednagar. She has been associated with CBSE, State board schools and worked as a Principal. Currently she is working with Hutchings school Talegaon Dabhade as an English teacher, ICSE board. She has recently published 2 books also.
in maintaining excellent educational environment, increasing student’s academics and in collaborating with school communities. She has worked as a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal in various schools in Punjab and Noida.
She is an expert in school management and implementation of Guidelines to run the school to it optimum efficiency level. She firmly believes in ‘lead by self-example. Service before self is her guiding principle. Honesty, Integrity, loyalty and dedication towards her profession and the institution are the few parameters which she has never compromised throughout her career. Her enthusiasm, initiative and innovative attitude is what that has sailed her and through all challenges. She holds degrees in M.Sc.(Physics),M.Phil.(Nuclear Physics),M.Sc.(E.E),B.Ed. PhD(Pursuing).


Ms Shweta N Pancholi

Associate Consultant

(Junagadh, Gujarat)

Ms. Shweta Pandya has 10 years of comprehensive experience in domain of education, counseling and training in academic arena. She is pursuing her Phd

in field of education; she has done her B.A, M.A, B.Ed, and M.Ed in English literature. She is well versed with current trends in education, teacher training and counseling. She has excellent interpersonal skills and great understanding of human behavior by virtue of being mother of two young children. She has expertise in handling and monitoring children, especially with young and tender age. She is a great team player and excellent communicator. She is currently Principal at Sorath International school, Junagadh.

ZSR 2018

Ms Zenobia Rustomfram

Associate Consultant

(Gandipet, Hyderabad)

Zenobia Rustomfram, the founder and director of Greenfields Centre for Outdoor and Development Programmes, is a postgraduate in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. 

With a rich varied experience spanning four and a half decades, she pioneered school counselling in Hyderabad at Nasr School. She is a Consultant Counsellor at ISB – Hyderabad, a domain expert with Boost My Child and the Hon. Director for Council for International Programmes Fellowship India, Hyderabad chapter.

A Fulbright scholar she has trained as a counsellor in Chemical Dependency at Minnesota USA. She holds a diploma in DEEP- Diploma in Experiential Practice, Strategies for Learning – Alpha to Omega, Lion’s Quest – Skills for Adolescents, Emotional Programming, Double Doodle, Epigenetic Healing and Touch for Health – level 2. She has designed ‘Counselling on the Run‘, a skills training program for counsellors and a Personal Social Health Curriculum.
A lifelong learner, she is a people person, an avid naturalist who draws her inspiration from nature

Noopur Kaushik

Ms Noopur Kaushik

Associate Consultant

(Rajasthan & West Bengal)

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. This inspiring life quote has been the guiding principle 

of Ms Noopur Kaushik from Rajasthan. She has nurtured amazing abilities which are her strength, like resilience, lifelong learning, team-person, effective communicator, go-getter, and being tech-savvy.  As a Successful Educationist with a proven track record in a comprehensive Secondary School, she strives to be a leader to positively impact students’ progress and attainment while adding value through critical thinking, effective cross-curricular links and engaging teaching-learning strategies.  She is a go-getter with good personal skills who can manage diverse set of stakeholders to deliver desired results.  An accomplished school administrator, well versed with managing complete school operations from hiring and training teachers, conducting inter and intra-school events, counselling and guiding the students, developing and auditing lesson plans. She is a detailed oriented person who can manage diverse teams by effective planning and articulate clearly and cohesively with diverse set of stakeholders to keep them updated.  In 2017, elevation from a teacher to Head of Department, prepared her to understand that the classroom teaching and learning methods have to be dynamic. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching and administration with coveted schools. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Masters in Psychology. She also did her B.Ed from Pandit Deendayal Shekhawati University.

Parashuram Vanasi

Mr Parashuram Vanasi

Associate Consultant

(North Karnataka)

Very few people get a chance to make their strengths, skills and hobbies as their Profession and Parashuram Vanasi is one such example.

He is a M.A. English Graduate with an extensive study on English, Post graduate diploma in management and B.A with Social studies. His qualities are Confidence, Talkative & Friendly nature -perfectly blended with proper Communication and Presentation skills. He started his career from paper seller to Principal, that to in the prestigious Bagalkot BVV Sangha’s CBSE school. My professional career flagged off from Infosys as a process trainer and there after into his passion i.e teaching, since he is equipped with good administrative skills ventured him to principal’s role. All put together he has 16 years of experience in ITES and Educational domains. After all these adventures, he thought of exploring his capabilities to further educational training and CBSE development activities and skills. In North Karnataka ,he is also well accepted Principal and worked in various schools. He is a Bike Enthusiast and he has great passion in teaching and learning with fun.

Anita Saxena

Ms Anita Saxena

Associate Consultant

(Aligarh, UP)

Ms. Anita Saxena started her career as a Primary Teacher with great dedication and sincerity, proved her worth to the institution and was designated as head

of Primary Department and then was promoted as Staff Training and Development Coordinator. She is an extremely enthusiastic and self-motivated Educationist with a great experience in the Academia since 1996. She has rich experience of working with institutions like Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, DPS and currently working as Academic Administrator in a prestigious institution, BLS International School. She has also worked on Delhi Government’s project to train and encourage students of Government schools to develop English Communication Skills and grooming their Personality to compete with the latest trends in education. She did her graduation from Bangalore University, Masters in English, B.Ed. from Indira Gandhi National Open University. She is a certified Guidance Counsellor.  She has been awarded thrice for astounding Training and motivational sessions being conducted for staff members and energetic and inspiring grooming sessions for students on different topics like Time Management, Stress Management, Anti-Tobacco Sessions, Society & Youth, etc.

Ms Suchita Gupta

Dr Shuchita Gupta

Associate Consultant

(J&K and Punjab)

Dr Shuchita Gupta has over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching and principalship in various schools in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir region.

Along with being a School Leader and Educator she also has been playing roles of Teacher Trainer, Counsellor, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. Some of her major achievements are an Award from super 100 principals by educational endeavours (Wednesday times) in Ludhiana. • Received an award at 32nd Education Awards 2019 as Shiksha Ratna by Education council of India in Delhi. 3 • Global women achievers awards as the social educationist by SEAS in Dehradun.  Awarded with Bhishma award by Chandigarh group of colleges in Chandigarh. • Awarded as Progressive principal of India by Rethink India. • Lifetime Achievement award in School Development by National School in New Delhi. • Awarded Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award in International Educators Conclave and Awards by IITA in 2018. Awarded Most Experience Principal by National school award in Delhi. • Awarded Progressive Principal of India by Rethink India, 2018. • Awarded Life Time Achievement Award in school development by National school award in Delhi. • Awarded Certificate of excellence in Leadership 2018. • Awarded one of the Top School of India by Digital Learning magazine in 2018 under my guidance. • Awarded Best Principal award by G SIL society Delhi in 2018. • Received an award of appreciation of Initiation by AIEL in 2018. • Awarded for Most Experienced Principal by National School Award in 2018. • Received certificate of Recognition for generous contribution to the field of education by score 2 successes. • Awarded Top 100 Principals of India by AKS in 2017. She holds an Honorary Doctorate in Education by Global Human Peace University, Chennai. • M.Ed. in year 2009: Master in Education from Jammu University • B.Ed. in year 2003: Degree in Education from Jammu University • Certificate Courses in Human Values in year 2010 from Punjab Technical University. • Undergone Montessori training of teaching techniques through Montessori apparatus.

Upawan Kumar Agrawal

Mr Upawan K Agarwal

Associate Consultant

(Satna, MP)

Upawan Kumar Agrawal has completed his Masters in English Literature from MMYVV, Jabalpur, He also has a Master’s degree in Economics from APSU,

Rewa along with B.Ed from Singhania University, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. He is Currently Pursuing M.Ed from Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University Chitrakoot M.P. since he believes in lifelong learning and upgrading his skills.
Since 2001 till 2016, he has been working in Education field as a school teacher in different state boards & CBSE schools. From the year 2016 onwards he has been working as a School Principal. His experience spans 15+ years in the field of Education.

Ms Bhawana Rajesh Lele

Associate Consultant

(Pune, Maharashtra)

Bhawana Rajesh Lele, is a Special Educator and an Arts Based Therapist. Her Professional qualification is B.Ed( Special Education- multicategory) and Arts Based therapy from WCCL Pune.

Having experience of 19 years; working with a regular school having integrated care department as well as at hospital which is one of the certifying body for children with special needs. She has also been a consultant with international experience in Dubai and has set up her own practice since 5 years. Her vast experience includes working directly with students with special needs; Heading the department guiding professionals, creating systems for the Dept, planning and executing the programs conducted by outsourced teams. Her expertise also lies in conducting workshops for teachers, students and parents to spread the awareness, responsibilities of incubation and rights of special children.

Savita Sharma

Ms Savita Sharma

Associate Consultant

(PAN India)

She is an academician with more than 25 years of experience in teaching and education management. Seasoned leader with over 27 years of experience

in start-up and management of teaching institutions, and building and coaching teaching teams. Strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience of building the footprint of three institutes from ground up. Outside the box thinker with a strong ability to generate ideas and create new solutions to ensure success. Passionate teacher, experienced in curriculum design and content development, have worked as senior faculty and academic advisor with two schools in Delhi. Oversaw set up of science wings of two schools in Delhi and established Learning Management Systems. Well versed in latest teaching techniques, including e-learning, and use of audio visuals in imparting lectures. Adept at teacher training. Ability to connect better with students by tailoring teaching techniques to individual learning needs. She strongly believes that real purpose of education is to impart knowledge which prepares individuals for life. An “eternal learner” herself , she has actively and consciously kept herself updated with latest technological developments( e-learning, Blended teaching, using visual aids like videos and online teaching) to make her classrooms more active and conducive for learning. She has been in leadership positions for more than 18 years and has contributed successfully as HOD Biology, Center Principal, Training Head, Leadership training, Academic Director with different Organizations. Presently she is Academic Head with Amity Group. An internally inspired and Motivated teacher successfully ignites curiosity of students. Curiosity leads to exploration which contributes immensely to learning. With this philosophy she has conducted innumerable teacher training sessions across schools and educational institutions in Delhi/NCR. She has also conducted sessions for students helping them to listen to their inner voice and discover their true passion. Leadership training, setting Academic vision and goals so as to make it more meaningful and relevant in changing times, Teacher training & Curriculum designing are her forte.

Sunita Khanapure

Mrs Sunita Khanapure

Associate Consultant

(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Mrs Sunita Khanapure is committed to being a change in the future of each individual student. She has rich experience of 27 years as an educator

also trainer and has an excellent track record as a leader. She has been leading ICSE and CBSE Schools for 10 years.She strongly believes in empowering individuals and bringing out best in every person. She has completed her MSc & Masters in Education. Her commitment to train all the stake holders makes her reliable mentor. She has maintained students, academic performance as well nurturing their talents. She has run the school efficiently ,leading by setting self involvement leadership team. She connects well with all the members of school community and efficiently motivates to deliver good results and also maintains Good Team spirit. Development of subjective and communication skills has been Top priority.

Dr Ishtiyaque Ahmed Shaikh

Associate Consultant

(Pune, Maharashtra)

Dr. Ishtiyaque Ahmed Shaikh has over 25 years of experience in the field of teaching and Principal in various School in Pune (Maharashtra) region. Along with being a School Leader

and Educator he also has been playing the roles of Teacher Trainer Motivational Speaker.


Some of his major Achievements are

  1. Received an Award of Best Principal from Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Delhi in the year 2016.
  2. Awarded as the Best Innovative Leader by Center for Educational Development (Delhi) in the year 2019.
  3. Awarded the Major Dhyanchand by Pimpri Chinchwad Cultural Department 2019
  4. Shiksha Ratna Award by Centre of Educational Development (CED) Delhi 2020
  5. Best Principal Award by Institute of National Scholars (INS) Bangalore 2020


As Educational Qualification he has complete his


*   Master in Physical Education,

*   Bachelor in Education,

*   Master in Arts (English)

*   Master in Business Administration (Educational Behaviour),

*   Master of Business Administration (Human Resource)

*   Diploma in School Management (DSM)

*   Appeared in Master in Arts (Education)


And above all he has been Awarded the D. Litt (Hons) from University of Bolivia (South America) in 2021.

*    Started the Principal career in SPG International School, Bhosari, Pune Maharashtra. Took the school to sky level by increasing the strength up to 2334 from 67 on roll in just six years of time.

*    Worked as Principal in Lead School in a village called Kurduwadi, Solapur Maharashtra

*    Right now working as Principal in Empros International School, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune Maharashtra

He is a scholar in Sports

*   Played to Inter University in Hockey

*   Played at Inter University as well as State Level in Football

*   Played at Inter University as well as State Level in Cricket

*   Member of Sports Academy Association of India (SPAA)

Uma Bala

Ms Uma Balan

Associate Consultant

(PAN India)

Uma Balan with Science, Commerce & Management background, has worked as a Systems Engineer and her IT knowledge & experience has built

a strong foundation for growth in her career. She has experienced the paradigm shift in education over the years, having functioned as a Head of Department, Headmistress, Deputy Director, Project Manager (Training), Head-Training and Development. Uma’s training includes areas of Pedagogy, Life Skills, English Communication and Cyber Safety. Uma has taught in an International School for sixteen years, dealing with students of 54 nationalities. As a Head of Department, she has vast experience of the IGCSE, A-Levels and IB curriculum and designed the ICT syllabus for the Middle School. Her proficiency in formulating policies for syllabus preparation, assessment methods and discipline is worth mentioning. She was the Partnership Tutor for the SfE (London) Online training program, wherein she tutored the school teachers in different subject areas. As Head-Training and Development, Uma has taken complete responsibility right from the training needs, analysis and content preparation to conducting trainings for the group of schools. She has developed content for the trainings and has also conducted trainings through VSAT. As the Project Manager (Training) in an NGO, she has been the Implementation partner with organizations like CBSE, EQFI, NIOS, SCERT, IGNOU, MSDF, Infosys, Google, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft (for School Leaders), British Council, Adobe, HP Life, Honda for school development. Few of Uma’s assignments include: * Quality assessment of schools as part of the EQFI project, being part of a team of qualified assessors, supporting in implementing quality initiatives or criteria to achieve business excellence in school governance. * For Citi Bank, Uma has conducted workshops for students to develop their skills as Entrepreneurs. * In the Google project, she has coordinated and conducted Cyber Security workshops for Google Web Rangers i.e. school students, Pan India and conducting these workshops for Delhi University students.* For Infosys, Uma was the Project Lead for NILE (National Institute for Leaders in Education) Awards and coordinated with School Leaders Pan India.Uma has been the National Program Manager and CBSE Master Trainer for the CBSE project responsible for the creation and implementation of 25 programs, em-panelled by CBSE for conducting various capacity Building Programs for Heads of Schools, Teachers and Students of CBSE affiliated Schools. For British Council, as an Education Consultant she has done Training Needs Analysis and conducted workshops in schools. Uma is a certified IELTS Trainer by British Council, Delhi and has conducted training of all Associates of a Branded International Hotel, for enhancing their skills in spoken English. Uma’s skills are summed up as:
* Education Specialist: Uma has experience of both the National and the International curriculum.
* IT Head in an International School.
* As a Head of School and Deputy Director. 
* Mentor: Uma has mentored teachers empowering them right from the planning to implementation stage guiding them.
* Trainer & Facilitator: Uma is a passionate trainer of English, Life Skills, Pedagogy, IT and Cyber Security and conducted training for all stakeholders of schools PAN India, college students of Delhi University and corporate officials.

Anju Arora

Ms Anju Arora

Associate Consultant

(Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh)

Anju Arora is a visionary educationist, an effective educator & trainer, and a dynamic educational leader with more than 24 Years of experience

with K-12 schools. She has an excellent track record of leading a CBSE K-12 school for 16 years in Himachal Pradesh as the Founder Principal from its inception to becoming one of the top schools of India. Skilled in curriculum development, team building and team development, she is passionate about empowering people to be at their best. She very strongly believes that human resource development is the only way forward as an individual, as a society and as a nation too. Driving force in all her ventures is her strong desire to return back to the society multiplied many times what she has received from it. She has excellent inter personal skills and connects well with all stake holders in the educational ecosystem- parents, teachers and students. She herself has undergone several trainings in leadership and process setting. To her education is the tool to empower. Her dedication to the cause of education and firm faith in investing time and energy in the form of trainings into all stake holders sets her apart from the league. She is a Master Trainer for teachers, Life Skills Trainer for Students and Parenting Coach for young parents. She is Double Masters i.e. M.A. in Economics and M.A. in Education. She also has PGDSLM (Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management) to her credit. She is certified for MDP (Management Development Programme) from IIM, Lucknow. She is a certified Parenting Coach. She has recently completed Family Engagement in Education from Harvard University EdX. Her success mantra is Learn, unlearn and relearn as per the need, context and time keeping the core values intact.

syed sattar

Mr Syed F Sattar

Associate Consultant

(Meerut, U.P)

Syed is working to promote realistic and progressive education for last 14 years as Academic Planner, Curriculum Developer, Teacher Trainer

and School Assessor. He is continuously striving as an educator to maximize the impulse of quality education and to equip the students with 21st century skills. He holds a Post graduate Degree in Applied Mathematics. He has been conducting training sessions for teachers in different parts of India and abroad on Realistic Mathematics Education, Project Based Learning, Mathlab setting up with curriculum support, CPA and Inductive teaching. He has worked for Jodogyan, Mind Shapers Tech. Ltd., iDiscoveri, Mathematical Sciences Foundation, Bharti Foundation, NEXT Education and GEMS Education during the course of his professional career. So far Syed’s focus has been to help teachers realize the importance of the crucial transition from reality to abstract. This has been observed that teachers find it challenging to link the activities and the textbooks in the classroom and that keeps the whole outcome in a sorry state. He is passionate about Mathematics, a subject that, he believes, increases the rate of adapting to the new and complex challenges in the world and gives confidence for an individual discovery through understanding and appreciating patterns that occur in real life around us. He was a presenter on Doordarshan channel for joyful Math learning series. He has authored concept booklets, lab manuals and resource material for various organizations. He has got certificates of appreciation from organizations like Khan Academy, NASSCOM, CMS Lucknow, CARE India, DPS Society, KVS, DAV, Rajasthan Govt. and NCERT for contributing in Mathematics Education.

Mr Sanam Yeleswara Rao

Associate Consultant

(Warangal, Telangana)

Sanam has 25 years of experience in the education industry as a SENIOR MATH TEACHER, CBSE PRINCIPAL, EDUCATIONAL CONULSTENT.

With Good knowledge and experience in CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE school affiliation work,
school activities and in establishing schools.
He is a certified counsellor from and CBSE Mathematics resources person.
He has expertise in the Development of project-based learning and competency-based education system with experience in PISA type questions for MATHEMATICS.


Mr Andrew Nelson

Associate Consultant

(Chennai, Tamil, Nadu)

Andrew Nelson is an inspired educationist, an innovative and visionary leader and a highly skilled teacher trainer with over 25 years of experience in K-12 schools.

He has been successfully heading international schools in India and overseas (Bali, Indonesia) leading change and innovation in his schools be it introducing new programs, conducting teacher training, designing curriculum, creating templates, etc. With his dynamic leadership skills, innovative ideas, a prime focus on the school performance graph and above all a never-say-die attitude towards his duty, Andrew has successfully changed the culture at schools within his 3-6 months of taking charge.  He has also designed the Digital Studies Curriculum for schools and introduced coding and robotics in schools. Although Andrew is an evangelist of technology, he actually promotes the ‘thoughtful use of technology’ including helping students with ‘screen time’ and informing parents on ‘how to control their child’s technology at home. With excellent inter-personal skills, an ever-helpful nature and a great sense of humor, Andrew specializes in Educational and EdTech Consulting and has conducted various trainings, workshops and seminars for teachers, parents and students. Andrew believes that there is always an easier way of doing things and often turns towards technology for solutions. He is also a passionate Quiz Master actively conducting Quizzes and Spell Bees at all levels in various schools. He loves programming and sharing tech tips.

Dilpreet Kaur

Mrs Dilpreet Kaur

Associate Consultant

(Pune, Maharashtra)

Dilpreet Kaur has 8 years of rich experience in education eco-system with deep expertise in the field of Admission, Marketing, Administration & Training.

She pursued her quality education in New Delhi by acquiring Masters in Commerce with specialization in International Business. In addition, she has full time Certified Diploma in Modern Office Management from Board of Technical Education (BTE), Delhi. Since 2012, she has been working in education eco-system and had ample chances to explore various areas in education sectors. She has worked as a Relationship Executive in Pune, with a renowned group, where she upheld responsibilities of admissions from enquiry to admission, starting from scratch. Leads, Conversion and walk-ins in admissions has been her forte. She has sufficient knowledge of CBSE Rules, Administrative Processes, Reports generation etc. Further as a leader she has worked as a mentor by providing training to the officials of other branches of the group. She has proved her mettle while she was working with a very reputed group of institutes at Pune as a Career counsellor where she was providing students career guidance and skills improvisation as per individual’s core interest. She has worked as a facilitator in Retail Management in Government Schools, New Delhi, which gave her an opportunity to establish herself as an effective educator and make a rapport with market retailers by conducting Training sessions that enhanced her various skill set. She has sufficient experience as an Educational Advisor in reputed Institutes of Delhi, where she has transformed the career aspiration of under graduate and graduate students for their career opportunities and vision. In addition, she has imparted education to the students as an Economics Educator and taught secondary and senior secondary classes of reputed Institute in Mumbai. As she has been exposed to different experiences in different sectors of education eco-system, she has developed into a thorough professional with immense sense of confidence in counselling and setting future vision.

Dinakar Jagadish

Mr Dinakar Jagadish Rao

Associate Consultant


Mr.Dinakar Jagadish Rao, is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainer  and a Certified Self Hypnotist (First Degree).He has  been a trainer

for over 15 years catering  to Schools, Colleges and Big/Medium size organizations. He has trained over 20,000 participants. Dinakar, a Telecommunication Engineer by education, discovered that his passion was more in human behavior and psychology. So after having worked as an Engineer for 4 years, quit his job to pursue his dream of empowering people, through training as a career. He began his training career, as an English Part time trainer and gradually became a fulltime trainer. He started training school students in Life Skills and Personality Development. Then began training graduates in Science, Arts, Commerce, Management  and Engineering students in Interview skills. Later moved to Corporate training in Soft Skills and Leadership training. He has trained several students in Interview skills and helped them secure jobs in top MNCs.
He considers that if a child is trained properly, the true potential of the child can be tapped which will augur well not only for the child but for parents and society as a whole. He uses Neuro Linguistic Programming science, in his trainings, where the students can quickly and easily understand the concepts taught clearly. He believes that teachers must be equipped with new pedagogy techniques, who in turn can connect effectively with the students and extract the hidden talent in every child. He has conducted training for the teachers and is part of a training project to train the Karnataka Government School teachers in accordance with National Education Policy. In this project teachers will be taught the new pedagogy techniques like Communication Skills, Collaborative learning, Critical thinking and Creative thinking. They in turn will be using these techniques in their classroom sessions.  He strongly believes that training must be done more practically, in the sense that as far as possible trainings must happen through role plays or case studies or live examples and is a firm believer that, training will be effective unless and until the concepts which are taught, is experienced personally and it has to be internalized. So he conducts all his trainings through experiential learning methodology. Offering training to empower people not just puts to use his abilities and experience, but it also gives an opportunity to be creative as he can employ the knowledge gained from the exhaustive training that he undertook in Self-Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.


Ms Ruchira

Associate Consultant

(Western UP)

Ms. Rúchira is a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development. 

She is a visionary educationist, an effective educator, trainer, well versed in all CBSE programs & procedures and a dynamic educational leader with more than 24 years of experience with K-12 schools. She has an excellent track record of leading a CBSE K-12 school for 13 years in Uttar Pradesh as the Founder Principal from its inception to becoming one of the top schools of India. Skilled in curriculum development, team building and team development, CBSE affiliation process. She is passionate about empowering people to be at their best. She very strongly believes that human resource development is the only way forward as an individual, as a society and as a nation too. Driving force in all her ventures is her strong desire to return back to the society multiplied many times what she has received from it. She has excellent inter personal skills and connects well with all stake holders in the educational ecosystem- parents, teachers and students. She herself has undergone several trainings in leadership and process setting. To her education is the tool to empower. Her dedication to the cause of education and firm faith in investing time and energy in the form of trainings into all stake holders sets her apart from the league. She is a Master Trainer for teachers, Life Skills Trainer for Students and Parenting Coach for young parents. She is Masters i.e. M.Sc. in Chemistry . She is a certified NLPCoach and master trainer .She has recently completed Iron lady leadership program in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Science. She beleives that-“lnnovation, when used in the right manner, can help transform the face of education even in the remotest area. All we as educationists need to do, is leverage this power.”

Meena Kaur Khokhar

Ms Meena Kaur Khokar

Associate Consultant

(Delhi, NCR)

Meena Kaur Khokhar is a multi dimensional personality who has successfully shouldered the responsibility of an educator, trainer, guide and mentor

in her 16 years of teaching career. She is Masters in English and has been teaching English to students of all age groups in various reputed schools of Delhi. Dealing with children aged 4-18 years old made her cognize the feelings and emotions of all ages and she proudly carries the crown of being the most lovable teacher of the students she has ever taught. Along with teaching, she has been a part of the Core Team for organizing cultural programs and has been honored with some prestigious awards. Various seminars and workshops have enhanced her knowledge and experience and have made her a confident motivational speaker. She perceives the issues faced by children nowadays and is able to deliver the best solution by bending to their level in the most apt manner. She also holds a Masters degree in Classical Dance (Kathak) and has been an eminent member of SPICMACAY.

Shrinik Mahendra

Mr Shrinik Mahendra

Associate Consultant

(Southern, India)

Shrinik Mahendra is a dedicated and goal-driven marketing professional with over a decades’ experience in educational sector working with K-12 schools

and educational institutions. Over the years working with institutions he has got a unique understanding of the issues faced by schools and institutions in managing admissions and strategizing the growth of the institute. The unique experience of working closely with institutions and its share holders (i.e parents, students and teachers) he has developed various strategies to increase the growth of the institution all while keeping the happiness and growth of its shareholders. He has also worked with the schools and institutions to provide essential soft skills and PD training to the students and teachers from time to time. The training provided by him are focused on providing teachers with skills essential for communicating effectively and in a timely planned manner with students and parents. The students training is focused on developing skills that are required to effectively communicate and develop confidence to succeed in life. Mr. Mahendra strongly believes that With growing competition & innovation in the field of education the need for marketing and teachers’ skills training has never been more important for growth of schools and institutions.

Tripti Chawla

Ms Tripti Chawla

Associate Consultant

(Delhi, NCR)

Being an educationist to the core, Tripti is very passionate about her profession, she enjoys meeting challenges that revolve around building an educational

infrastructure that focuses on the holistic development of children and a strong education system and support Pre Schools in becoming a valuable revenue-generating Project. She is an experienced professional with versatile experience of 15 years in Operations and Franchise management along with being a mentor and guidance expert in the field of guiding educationists. She has handled Operations division wherein she focused on developing people skills, empowering teachers & parents, setting up Preschools, and being actively involved in engagement activities to keep track of changing business requirements and facilitating the resources for the same. She holds a bachelor’s degree in the field of commerce from Delhi University and has a Diploma in Advanced Software Technology. She contributed to the Overall Operations, her support includes the School Launch, School Opening, Business Expansion, Academics, HR & Admin of the School. She truly believes that Learning Never Ends.

Ram Kishan

Mr Ramkishan

Associate Consultant

(Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Ramkishan has over 30 years of cross functional experience as Principal and Director of group schools. He has overseeing setting up K12

schools PAN India as Consultant Principal. He is a certified Lead auditor and has audited several schools for compliance with EMS norms. He has overseen curriculum and content design for International curriculae. His interest is in the area of teachers training and in driving 21st century learning skills across progressive schools. He has a Master’s in Environmental biogeochemistry from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Dr Gurdeep Kaur

Dr Gurdeep Kaur

Associate Consultant

(Gurgaon and Pune)

An innovative academic with 20 years of teaching experience and 10 years of administrative experience. Have proven record of developing a positive culture

in the institutions wherever I worked. Androit in managing teams with excellent interpersonal skills and blessed with a pleasing personality. I completed my B.Sc from Delhi University and M.Sc( Child Dev.) from Punjab University. My research (in my PG course) was on street children which helped me to bring around 81 students from lower socioeconomic background into the mainstream. I strongly believe that learning is a continuous process. So I completed my PhD on emotional intelligence in the year 2018 which further enhanced my capabilities to counsel the students and teachers. Accomplished in organizing teacher curriculum, assisting with lessons and collaborating with team to provide the highest level of education for each student. I added another feather to my cap by completing ‘Program in School Leadership and Management’ from NCSL. Always try to follow principles of fairness, honesty and integrity. Wish to make positive contributions in the field of education.

Tanveer Ahmed Shaikh

Mr Tanveer Ahmed Shaikh

Associate Consultant

(Lucknow & Mumbai)

Tanveer Ahmed Shaikh is an industry expert in soft skill and behavioral training. He work with people for achieving their professional goals of their career. 

He has travelled pan India as well two international destination and trained more than 6,000 professional and 10,000 students. He want to empower people and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. He is an MBA, Marketing HR, and done a certification in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt He has trained from college students to Senior Managers in Banking and IT industries and his core competencies are business communication, negotiation skills, problem solving & decision making, Time management, personality development and interpersonal skills. He has helped people leverage their existing strengths to improve their performance.


Ms Mukta Sharma

Associate Consultant

(Delhi / NCR)

Ms. Mukta Sharma has nearly 24 years of experience in the Biotech, IT and education sector in and outside India.

She has experienced various facets of education industry including but not limited to School Administration, Curriculum design and implementation, Student/parent Counselling, Macro management of K 12 schools, Teacher training and development, training of school Principals and leaders for enhancing personal and professional effectiveness.

Tarang Kaur

Ms Tarang Gaur

Associate Consultant

(Delhi NCR)

Tarang Gaur is an inspired educationist, an innovative and visionary leader and a skilled CBSE Master trainer with over 21 years of experience in Senior Secondary

Secondary schools. She is a motivated, hard working and resourceful leader who encourages creativity, collaboration and respect. She has been in this prestigious profession since 1999 and started her professional career as a Trained Graduate Teacher. The field of education provided her chances to expand her experiences with some commitment and competencies. She has worked for various prestigious groups and organisations in India. Tarang Gaur holds double post graduate degrees (English in 1996, Education with dissertation in 2011 that is equal to M.Ed ). She has not only taught the contents of the course but also delivered the lessons of life to her students. She believes in preparing the students to face the challenges of life besides scholastic and co-scholastic excellence . She has been mentor for her teachers, guide for students and a confident team player. She specializes in training programs as she is the Master Trainer and Resource Person of CBSE –Capacity Building Program. She has a very good ability to manage and motivate staff to deliver results to maintain a good team spirit. The Development of subjective skills , technical approach and Communication skills always top of her priority. Her mantra of Life is: Stay Positive and get the Solutions of every problem

Ms Hiral Doshi

Legal Consultant

(Pan, India

Adv. Hiral Doshi is a skilled analytical legal professional with dual qualification of Company secretary with over 11years of experience across all verticals of legal and compliance. 

 Along with her experience in manufacturing and service industry, she has a rich and varied experience in legal compliances for education sector wherein she has been associated with companies providing international daycare and pre-school facilities, K12 schools having presence in India and abroad with more 800 franchise schools, coaching institutes having presence PAN India etc. She has advised corporations and businesses on their legal rights and duties, drafted range of legal agreements and business documents, worked on various corporate secretarial transactions and advised on trademark and Copyright matters. Her experience brings in diversified knowledge of business and corporate laws, understanding of contractual obligations, business acumen, due diligence and skills to negotiate legal clauses. Her association with EMI ensures the legality of business transactions in compliance to the law and aims to provide commercially viable resolutions to achieve client’s business objectives by blending legal advice and practical experience.


Mr Deepak Bhatia

Associate Consultant


Deepak is Passionate & experienced Consultant Counselling Psychologist having Masters in Counselling Psychology, Masters in Human Resource Management

along with Cert. in Counseling & Guidance, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Advanced Level – Accredited & LLB having fifteen years of rich professional Counseling & Guiding work experience in the fields of Professional Consulting and Counseling Psychology. An effective communicator with good Counselling / Guidance & therapy skills.

Mr Aswin P Chandran

Associate Consultant

(Trivandrum, Kerala)

Aswin P Chandran is a
Career Guru, a Career Coach, anAuthor of a  best seller book called “Sixteenth Night” based on Mahabharata. At present he is the Director of Edzumo Pvt Ltd and also the Director of CGP CAREER AVENUES which conducts career counselling to students.

Some of the projects he has handled are – First Remote Centre Coordinator of IIT Bombay  for Ekalavya Project in Southern Kerala. He is also a
NLP Trainer, a Distinguished Facilitator. He has been an Award Winner of Infosys Technologies. He is also an Expert in Career Mentoring, CTET Coaching, Vedic Maths, AI, JRF NET.


Ms Amita Devani

Associate Consultant

(Delhi / NCR)

Amita Devani, with her experience helps de-stigmatize mental health issues and spread awareness about anxiety, depression, stress and associated symptoms that are still considered a taboo in the society. 

she assists in realizing the problems, be it mental and emotional issues originating from day to day things or long standing problems that are often associated with faulty parenting.


Ms Srividya Mohan

Associate Consultant

(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Srividya is a Cognition based Educator and Mindfulness Coach for Parents and Teachers. she has build and Develop emotional intelligence in children via activities and games.

She has also design and conduct workshops on mindful parenting and class room management.


Ms Chetna Sabharwal

Associate Consultant

(Delhi, NCR)

Ms Chetna Sabharwal is a Masters in Psychology, NCERT certification, GCC UCLA certification for career
counseling, and the UK certified Lifecoach with 25+ years of experience merges at the
carrefour of education, psychology, mathematics, and career guidance, the final call so far
comes into all-encompassing ‘social entrepreneurship’.

As a convinced believer of
“multipotentialities”, she mentors her clients across all ages to reach their optimum
potential through life coaching, psychometric assessments, therapy sessions, and skill

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