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The Big Idea Series of KEY


KEY – – (Knowledge, Enrichment & You) is an initiative of Educational Mentoring India to unlock the potential that exists in the field of education.  Through this initiative, we, at EMI, would like to nurture various ideas that are taking shape to ignite and create the curiosity, inquisitiveness, needs and requirements, best practices, bring in diverse perspectives of the individuals and institutions from the education fraternity and provide the necessary solutions in the form of organizing and implementing various programs like

  • Webinars with people with exemplary contribution to the field of education
  • Teacher Mentoring Program to empower teachers to be future ready among others to ensure that we grow as leaders in the field of education and are ready to nurture the next generation to be ready to reach the benchmarks set by the world and face the challenges of the world with confidence and responsibility.

The initiatives that have been taken up through KEY are as follows

1) Webinar with Dr.Chandrashekhar D P – CEO Jain Group of Institutions – June 23rd – 4 PM

Our first speaker Chandrashekar D P, PhD. Is the youngest CEO in the Indian Education Sector, worked with the intersection of education, empowerment and entrepreneurship for a better part of two decades. His vision is to empower one million children through education and to leverage his work experience to build better school systems in India.
He shared his valuable inputs about #PedagogicalLeadership and #Futurereadyschools

2) Teacher Mentoring Program

What does it take to be a future ready school teacher?

As educators, the following questions have always been at the forefront of our endeavors:

  • How to bridge gaps between educators and learners?
  • How can children develop natural interest in academics?
  • Why can’t all children become top performers?
  • How to increase the motivational levels in the children?
  • How to scientifically design great & meaningful careers?
  • How can we develop future learners?  
  • How to cater to the changing needs of the times?
  • A sense of responsibility and an open mind are just two of the many qualities you will need to be a future ready teacher.
  • Every school aspires for independent teachers who believe in self growth.
  • Although the schools offer a lot of growth support, self reflection and self growth propels the individual growth of a teacher.
  • A school expects their teachers to be futuristic teacher, The teacher in the school must be comfortable organizing their classes and children as per the guidelines given in NEP2020.
  • This requires deep understanding and implementation of Education policies, to ensure support to the school during its transformation.

It is in the pursuit of our vision to contribute towards creating an efficient Education System by mentoring schools to meet the benchmarks set by the world, that EDUCATIONAL MENTORING INDIA has come up with a TEACHER MENTORING PROGRAM  through its  KEY (KNOWLEDGE, ENRICHMENT & YOU) initiative to assist and cater to the needs and requirements of the schools to train their teachers in all aspects of school education.

This will be a 12-month program where the teachers will get exposed to

  • Continuous Professional Development (12 Sessions – one per month for 3 hrs each)
  • Orientation about the latest developments in the Education Sector
  • Participation in Webinars by interacting with Educators in India and abroad

The teachers will be charged Rs.2,200/- + GST per head for this program

There will be many other optional programs which the teachers can attend as per their interest and convenience.

All these programs will be conducted by educators who are the experts in their respective areas.

3) Webinar with Mr.Syed Sultan Ahmed – LXL Ideas on July 31st – 11 am

Our speaker of the month Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed is a first generation social entrepreneur winner of 7 President of India’s #nationalfilmawardsSyed Sultan Ahmed has introduced the concept of film pedagogy to the World by #childrencinema and International Kids Film Festival – IKFF. School cinema is one of its kinds #learningmethodologies in the world using cinema to teach life skills to children. His vision through LXL Ideas is to promote life skills through films, events, and publications.

He threw light on his work in making children’s films which ignite the awareness about films as powerful medium to teach and enrich children with life skills.

4. Webinar to celebrate “National Sports Day” on 29th August, 2021 at 11 am

We EMI Services India wish to celebrate the “#NationalSportsDay” and are Honored to Bring Sportsmen and Educators together “To discuss how to bring the dream of Our PRIME MINISTER to make sports as an integral part of our education system”

With our panelists we will – Identify- What are the challenges? How we can integrate sports? What are the Government Initiatives? How we can implement and why it is important.

Do join us to Know more as Principals , Directors of the school.
The coaches the sports men and the companies associated with sports to ensure the vision to nurture “Play” as a right for students, 
Sports as the requirement to be implemented in the right spirit in schools to reach out to children at the right age.

Our esteemed Panelist Mohan Pradeep Pavitra Bhardwaj AlkaAwasthi, Mr. Menon, Mr. Khushwinder, Mohammad Fahim and Col Rakesh Yadav

5. Understanding the Future of Hybrid Platform In schools

The adoption of technologies has made it possible for educators to customize content to meet the needs of the students and also create engaging and immersive learning experiences by harnessing the power of advanced technological solutions and the potential of blending the learning.

Technology has had a profound impact on the field of #teaching and learning, more recently due to the impact of Covid. Hybrid Learning is one such crucial development which has very positively impacted the field of education.

However, there is a lot of misunderstanding with the term “Hybrid learning”. Hybrid learning is usually confused with other means of learning like blended learning, online learning, flipped learning, and experiential learning.


What is the Hybrid Learning Model of Education⁉️ Such questions do still come up in many diacussions.

📌We EMI Services India wanted to dig deep into this ambiguity for better understanding of all those in the field of education. We created a poll for students, parents and teachers for the understanding, concern and requirements to be future ready. in the pursuit of the same we are having a webinar with educationalists, parents, teachers and students to unleash the potential and requirements of learning to be future ready.

📌We spoke to School Heads and Academicians across the World.

📌We conducted a survey with parentsteachers and students. And finally we are coming up with this webinar to brain storm with school leaders across the world to understand the future of hybrid learning.

we request the Academicians to join us brain storm the future of education and remove the cobwebs over ‘Hybrid Learning’.

6. "COVID19: Learning Loss - Bridging the Gap"

 At least 80 per cent children in India between the age group of 14-18 years reported lower levels of learning during COVID-19 pandemic than when physically at school, according to a UNICEF report.

Noting that repeated school closures have led to alarming inequities in learning opportunities for children in South Asia, the report by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) pointed out that 76 per cent of parents of students aged 5-13 years reported drop in learning levels during remote learning.

“Together let us work as a Team of think-tanks to focus on rapidly building capacities of teachers who can support learning both in the classroom as well as at home more effectively.

Join us on 22nd with The Academicians who are the Think Tanks and can us understand how to over come the gaps as schools going offline and Hybrid

Speakers  – Seetha Murty Vinita Kher Dr Punam Kashyap Gurvinder S. with Tripta Tarunesh