Educational Mentoring India

About us

Education Mentoring India is a group of highly qualified, trained and seasoned professionals who are dedicated solely to empower all the stakeholders in a school’s ecosystem encompassing Principals, Teachers, Parents & School Owners.

We are a team of professionals and mentors who are passionate about enahancing educational outcomes and achieving better results for our stakeholders in several states of the country. We have school Pricipals, Project Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Brand Specialists and Marketing Specialists at our disposal to deliver complete spectrum of services and make certain your experiences of school enterprising with us is an exemplary one.

Why Education Mentoring India?

At Educational Mentoring India, we address the needs and concerns of all the stakeholders in Education (School Owners, Principals, Parents and Students). We function as a one-stop solution provider for all the needs of the school ecosystem.

In this endeavour, we strive to develop a culture of teamwork, trust and accountability focussed on providing quality service and customer satisfaction in the education industry.

The knowledge base of our organization is an asset to understand the requirement based on the industry specification. We believe in developing deep and long-lasting relationships with stakeholders across India to achieve our objectives. The incorporation of training, information sharing along with  knowledge distribution at all levels defines our USP and is the  benchmark of our success and our client’s satisfaction.

We are dedicated to the personal and professional development of  individuals and the growth, efficiency and profitability of our associates. We hold the knowledge, experience and the vast networks of our Associate Consultants, who ensure best professional solutions within the area of Education, Training and Networking. We are a team of professionals and mentors who are passionate about enhancing educational outcomes and achieving better results for our stakeholders across the country.  

We have School Principals, Academicians, Project Consultants, Special Educators, Counsellors, Recruiters, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists at our disposal to deliver a complete spectrum of services in the School Ecosystem and contribute to the Organizational growth to meet the standards and benchmarks set by the World.


To contribute towards creating an efficient Education System by mentoring schools to meet the benchmarks set by the world.


To be a one stop solution provider to K-12 schools PAN India and act as a mentor to them in transforming their school to the 21st century levels through our Consultant & Partner Services.

Annapurna Chintaluri

CO-Founder & Director of Academics and operations

Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri is an educational consultant certified in Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University.
She has 30 years of association in the field of education with experience in India and abroad as a school principal. She has also written articles, presented papers at various international conferences, participated and conducted webinars and is also a recipient of Bett Asia Award for Collaboration along with other national and international awards. She has developed two modules for the School Leadership Academy, SCERT, Telangana for the National Curriculum Framework based on the NEP 2020 about Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century 

and Perspectives in leadership which was translated into telugu and hosted on the SCERT website.

She has authored a book “Who are the Pathbreakers in a school” which was released by AICTE chairman and NCERT director in 2021
She is also an environmental activist where she empowers students about climate change to motivate them to come up innovative solutions to save the environment. She was recently invited to the UNESCAP Headquarters at Bangkok as a speaker in the Climate Change Finance roundtable and for the UN water conference at UN Headquarters New York as a speaker.

Tripta Tarunesh

CO-Founder & director-expert relations

With 28 years of vast experience in different fields and exposures, has grown as a person driven by passion to know, understand, relate with developmental domains of young children from when they are born to age of 12. The 17 years of work innings in the field of education has given her exposure to handle children struggling to make a mark in teacher’s criteria of learners. Her inquisitiveness grew as she gained knowledge and acquired the basic qualification and Masters in Education, Early years and School Administration from Symbiosis. She has shared her learnings by being a teacher, coordinator and principal of various schools. She is a recipient of AWWA award of excellence for her work.

Her efforts in the field of education combined with her passion and inquisitiveness has helped her ‘Unlearn’ legacy education. These qualities have made way for more learnings using local and global influences in early years technology, innovation and creativity, which has resulted in the creation of curriculum for seven national level organizations and two international organizations. She has also been able to lead and manage chain of schools in preschool domains. She has always prioritized the learning experience and aimed for it to be child-centered, with age-appropriate skill development and deep learning as a key need to nurture children to be ready for 21st century.

She loves seeing ‘light bulb’ moments when research or new knowledge comes alive for people in a range of different contexts. Her life’s purpose is to make a difference by enhancing the skills and knowledge of teachers, parents and anyone who interacts with children. In her current role, she sees herself as a facilitator who brings together the right people who are equally passionate to ensure that children are future ready.