Educational Mentoring India

Educational Mentoring India

Partners in Your Growth

Educational Mentoring India is a group of highly qualified, trained and seasoned professionals who are dedicated solely to empower all the stakeholders in a school’s ecosystem encompassing Principals, Teachers, Parents & School Owners.


To contribute towards creating an efficient Education System by mentoring schools to meet the benchmarks set by the world.


To be a one stop solution provider to K-12 schools PAN India and act as a mentor to them in transforming their school to the 21st century levels through our Consultant & Partner Services.

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Need Based Analysis

Designing, Defining, Creating and Evolving Sustainable Ecosystems in Education Domain

Understanding the pulse of the school industry and the soul of the ecosystem of education and providing need-based solutions is our motto. We plan and develop various/alternate solutions to tackle problems and help the organization to build its goodwill so that it can bring more business and serve better. We intend to create a sustainable business model so that it is a win-win situation for all.

To Evaluate the NEP2020 readiness of your school

NEP Compliance Assessment with 150 parameters across 8 themes. Please fill in the form to register for the assessment

Our Services

Expert Councils

EMI Would be like to handhold the schools in these specialized fields by providing holistics services to the schools by 

  • Conducting awareness programs (Capsule programs for teachers)
  • Providing Services

Special Education

Supporting schools in bringing about an environment of inclusion

Psychological & Career Counseling

Supporting schools with personal, Social and Emotional Development along with strategies for the future.

Preschool Curriculum Development & Establishment

Supporting schools with the development and establishment of ECCE (Early Childhood, Care & Education) based curriculum.

Quality Enahancement

Supporting schools towards quality education through audit/review to identify gaps and help schools find solutions along with monitoring mechanism.

Family Engagement

Supporting schools to building and understanding that Family Engagement in Education is the key to growth and success for all stakeholders.


To handhold schools and bring about an awareness and implementation about the intersection of Education and Sports.

Professional Development

Supporting schools with the Teacher Training & Leadership Training to get the teachers and Leadership ready for the 21st Century.

Advisory Board



Our Channel Partners

Taking care of all the stakeholders in the education ecosystem. Uplifting every section of this segment.