Educational Mentoring India is not a vendor selling set of services, but we are growth consultants offering a wide range of services for better ROI on your spending. We offer a high level of customized services. We provide expertise to the stakeholders who aspire for the best environment for their resources. We equip the resources so that these may further train their students & convert them in shining stars. Our goal is “To Provide Services par Excellence”, and we will lead you to the path of excellence and beyond.

Experiential Learning Kits for Science and Math

Experiential learning kits aligned with the curriculum for Science and Mathematics for deeper understanding of the concepts with a scope for open-ended exploration. Incorporating Bloom/s Taxonomy, 21st Century Skills, differentiated and personalised learning, task-based with detailed assessment reports and student observation manuals.
Modules are designed to maximize learning. The innovatively designed modules actively engage the students in the classroom increasing their potential to score high in international benchmark examinations.

School Cinema for Life-skills

School Cinema is an innovative film-based learning module that reaffirms life skills & values for students, parents & educators. As a ground breaking pedagogical experiment, School Cinema uses cinematic storytelling and thought provoking workbooks to address life’s challenges for K-11 students.
School Cinema helps students learn to relate and reflect at a personal level. It helps in the holistic development of students, ensuring that they grow into confident and responsible individuals.

Micro & Mega Robotics Labs

The components are best-in-class rapid prototype tools, quality safety equipment and the best kits in-line with the NITI Ayog guidelines. From Handling hardware to installing everything in the school premises, along with three years comprehensive AMC and consumable supplies.
Training the teachers for 12 hours across 3 – 6 sessions to acquaint teachers with the kits and free online content for students.

Virtual Labs with Gizmos

Virtual labs designed for inquiry and interactivity, allow for manipulation of key variables both independent and dependent. They enable the students to test hypotheses and encourage exploration with “what if…” questions.
They help to develop and practice students’ STEM skills. They help teachers to implement inquiry-rich instruction by including teacher lesson plans with differentiated activities.

Robotics & Coding Education

The short-term and long-term Coding and Robotics programs are designed as per NEP standards in the Hands-on way, delivered on a mutually agreed schedule and share reports to the institution.
Students will learn and build practical coding projects with the help of mentors and LMS, which can be accesses even from home on their computers or mobile phones, ensuring effectiveness.

Integrated Computer Science Curriculum - Qubits

Qubits Curriculum supports K-8 schools with everything educators need to empower the next generation of digital literate citizens. The activities are designed to be engaging and to connect technologies with engineering, art and other subjects.
Qubits is based on Project based experiential learning methodology. These projects and challenges are age appropriate and relevant.

Hybrid Learning Platform

21st Century ready classrooms to conduct offline and online classes together, with automatic attendance and security. Only Platform with system generated real time meaningful insights for the Management. A complete Educational Delivery System (not lesson delivery system).
A School App with shared teachers curated content, recorded lectures, notes, worksheets. Deep Performance analysis for each student, enriching personalized attention. Automatic Evaluation with Analytics and Reports. Easy Content creation tool for teachers, drag & drop multiple resources, auto tagging and mapping facility and secure chat facility giving the teacher and the student access anytime.

Adaptive Learning Technology

A customized learning plan which helps teachers know where their students are lacking, understanding the learning style of the students, compare and analyse students data to get valuable insights on performance improvement.
Specifically designed to overcome the customization problems for each student. Advanced neural networks and proprietary learning block technology are used to identify wark blocks and target them with suitable content mapping which creates a gradual learning trajectory for each student by automating the whole student process.

Cognitive Mapping by Unlocking Data Science

An application to make sure that every student performs to the potential. Unlocking Data Science captures and identifies the unique learning nature and cognitive potential of every student in the school.
It empowers the school to address the learning needs of the each individual student uniquely by identifying and measuring the multiple intelligences. It also helps to offer guidance or counselling to those students who may require extra attention in academics.

Preschool Curriculum – ECCE

Preschool Curriculum designed as per the guidelines of NEP2020 with ECCE – Early Childhood Care and Education Pedagogical Principles along with the philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner and Early Years Foundations Stage.
The core of the curriculum is play based with the focus on all the areas of development – Cognitive, Physical, Communication and Language development, Creative and Personal, Social & Emotional Development. Assessment is based on tracking the developmental milestones to help the children develop into resilient, capable, confident individuals.

High Definition 2D/3D Multi Sensory Content

Ignite the spirit of learning in the child with high-definition video lessons mapped as per the school curriculum. The complete concepts are captured in audio-visual format, which provides a better learning impact on the child, wherein the child is able to grasp the concept and is able to retain it for a longer duration.

Harnessing the power of visualization, this e-learning CBSE-approved tool, covers all subjects catering up to XII grade.  Can cater to any curriculum in India such as State Boards, Cambridge, ICSE, etc. Providing White Label opportunity along with Free LMS. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security as a Service – identifying the Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensic Service, Cyber Crime Investigations, Security Operations, Risk assessment and Profiling, Identifying the security architecture and solutioning and Cyber Security Staffing.
Cyber Security Awareness Sessions involving various levels for students, teachers, staff, parents and Higher Management along with Cyber Psychology. Cyber Security Trainings and Certifications provided with cyber security trainings, guidance, future ready trainings for students, teachers and IT Staff.

Admissions, Marketing and Branding for Institution

Admissions, Marketing and Branding for any Academic Institution is our forte. We assist School Management and Administration to prepare a rigorous marketing strategy to get a consistent inflow of Admissions, along with a list of Annual, Monthly and Weekly Events 

Calendar. We can contribute towards Recruiting and Training the Team of Admission Counselors, along with the successful execution of the strategy. We can help you with your Data  Management through MIS & dashboards that you may require to have a bird’s eye view on your investment for sure shot results. We can manage your website and help you get traffic along with converting your leads to Productive

Life Skills and Career Guidance Programs

We are adept at conducting experiential life skill workshops for students, Teaching and non teaching staff, parents and administrators. We also specialize in online/ offline career guidance program through psychometric testing and career fairs etc.

carried out in a scientific manner enables a student to arrive at a better-informed choice of subjects. The choice of subjects will ‘involve’ the students and equip them with skills befitting their interest, which could be harnessed for the benefit of self and the nation.

School Audit, Curriculum Development & Affiliation

Like a river flows so should a business, only then it can give life to people associated with it. Stagnation is bad for every business. To keep business flowing it is essential to nurture it with the structural, managerial, and academic development strategies.

As the institution paves way for growth and development it needs Mentoring and Hand-holding . Consultation: School Audit Every school must engage in an academic audit to ensure an efficient learning and evaluating system. It is a good idea to have quality assurance process in place to keep up the pace with the changes happening at every level be it implementation, social, policy or governance. The objective to have an audit process: • Ensuring seamless organization and administration • To inculcate a quality oriented approach • Monitor Standard Operating procedures and setting up more efficient processes. Consultation : Curriculum Development Curriculum Development involves preparation of year plans, term plans, application of inventive approaches, class inspections, student programs, guiding teachers, and working towards building a strong team to achieve the organizational goal of being par excellence. An engaging and experiential curriculum is an advantage and a motivation not only for students but also teachers and the management. It gives the school an edge over other institutions in the vicinity. Consultation: Affiliation Education Mentoring India provides one stop solution for all types of affiliation related issues. As specialized consultancy services, we assist and prepare the school- leaders, staff and management for the inspection/affiliation. You can avail our expert advice on all/any of the following services: 1.Pre-Affiliation Consultancy– Assistance in applying for Affiliation Off/Online, as per boards’ by laws. 2.Organizing and Presentation-Preparing the school for inspection- Assisting the school in completing the documentation, maintaining the records, organizing the data/info/evidences as required by the authorities. 3.Post Affiliation– Assisting the school in removing the deficiencies/observations/ compliances stated by the authorities.

L&D, Training & Workshops

A school can scale new heights if it values its Team Members and invests in their growth too along with the Institutional growth. If the Organizational Goals of a school would be aligned with the personal goals of its teachers, principals, vice principals that 

school is sure to grow at supersonic speed. 
It is imperative for school to train their team members at regular intervals. Moreover it is also the mandate in New Education Policy that Teachers and school administrators will have to undergo a mandatory n numbers hours of training every year to upgrade their skills. Such training courses will be appropriately validated with certificates on completion along with a comprehensive report card.

Digital Marketing Services

In today’s digital era if you are not visible online you are not present. Having a well laid website helps your prospect customers know about you, your vision, your services and gives him a first hand information about you.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Most searches today takes place on Google and other search engines. If you are not visible in searches you are loosing 70% of business. We help Schools and Educational Institutes become visible on online media.
Social Media Management On an average a person spend one hour on social media everyday. In India this figures 40 Crore People. With target audience hooked on social media like facebook, Instagram etc it is important a constant dynamic presence is maintained on Social media. We manage your social media presence and promotions.

School Auxiliary Services

When children get ready for school in the morning, they should be able to feel excited into dressing themselves up in a uniform that makes them look super confident while also giving an ample amount of comfort, along with the 

readiness to step up their knowledge gaining powers.
As parents and teachers, we want the kids to feel happy with the clothes that they get to wear for the longest period of time in their life. A uniform is not just a piece of clothing, but a brand identity for a school, a means for the students to feel connected to an institution, long after they have passed out of the schools. We help in making those memories shine, and making the stakeholders of the education system feel content by giving eco-friendly and sustainable fabric options, designed to perfection to increase the brand value of your institution.

LMS & ERP Services

School Management System (ERP)
School Management ERP is fully automated, an interactive online school management system which manages your school at one place which also streamlines the institution tasks, work with

few keystroke and mouseclick. School ERP improves work efficiency  as well as reduce the cost and manual interruption.

Our school ERP for schools wiling to transform their school administration digitally. ERP is a school management software or systerm which makes the daily work easier for admin, staff, teachers, parents, and students. Our ERP simplifies and automates daily tasks and operations.

FIITJEE – Integrated School Programs

FIITJEE recognised the need for an integrated study program for the Students that combine the Competitive / Scholastic Exams Preparation with the School Curriculum to ensure success in both. The Integrated School Programs

reduces the extra burden on the Student as the Competitive/ Scholastic Exams Preparation is done within the School Schedule thereby, giving the Student ample time for self-study. The scope of Improvement is measured scientifically in order to give a correct understanding of what action or remedial measures will give maximum benefit.

ISO Certification – School quality & School Safety

Focusing on the development of systems and processes for the implementation of System Development, System Implementation, System Assessment, System Certification by using the Principles for ISO Implementation

Such as  Focus on Learners and other Beneficiaries,  Visionary Leadership,  Engagement of People,  Process Approach,  Improvement,  Evidence Based Decisions,  Relationship Management,  Social Responsibility,  Accessibility and Equity,  Ethical Conduct in Education,  Data Security and Protection

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