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21st Century Learning Skills and Strategies

The 21st century learners are born in a digital era who are tech savvy at 5, expect reasonable and plausible  

Powerful yet Power-less Principal

Powerful yet Power-less Principal

After spending more than a decade in school set up, I have understood that Principals /School Leaders are being 

Next Generation Teacher

Next Generation Teacher

This tough time has tested patience level of each and every class, colour, creed and sex of our society


Learning Pace

I have been affiliated with the profession of Pre-Primary education, both as a parent

The learning journey and the essence of future readiness

While thinking about the learning journey of a child and the entire spirit of understanding.

Pandemic!! – Teachers – Forgotten Heroes

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! This is what the teachers across the world have shown to the 

Women In Education

 Education has predominantly been a woman’s domain. Largely, women are by nature assertive, resilient

The changing face of the classrooms today

Change is the order of life. It is the new constant in this changing world. Change is something that will be 

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Taking care of all the  stakeholders in the education ecosystem. Uplifting every section of this segment.

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