21st Century Principal

Principal is face of a school who is primarily responsible for Academics (33%), Administration (33%) and  Parent Management (34%). Principals should be responsible for making their school as one of the favourite destinations and best choice in the vicinity.

21st Century Principal
  • What 21st century Principals are doing nowadays:

    Marketing for admissions (20%-25%) 
    Vendor management (10%)
    Attending meeting (5%-7%)
    Parents interaction (10%)
    Crisis handing and conflict resolution (20%)
    Finding new ways to increase revenue for school (25%)
    Academics, Content and Trainings (5%)

  • So, are they doing what they are supposed to do or just juggling with so many things at their disposal? 
    Is it ok to call them as “Jack of all trades master of none”

  • What’s the use of hiring such an experienced and talented individual when he/she is not doing the things in which he is an expert?

    They are like “Abhimanyu” who is trying to fight with many things in hand, knowingly that it’s not possible to come out as a winner

  • What do you think? Are school owners expecting too much from them? Or Principals are now used to all this? 

    “Don’t underestimate the POWER of common Principal”

    Deep Bhatia

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