What do you think of MOOCS?

(Massive open online courses) for higher education? Is this concept here to stay back or just a fad?

I posted this 7 years back when I got to know of MOOCs for the first time. I explored platforms like #edx #Coursera #Udemy and was overwhelmed with the plethora of information and knowledge sources available to anyone and everyone. I was heading a vertical devoted to adult learning and skill building.  I was looking for MOOCs mentors whom I could train to be facilitators for the online courses. I was so surprised to find lots of youngsters aware of these platforms and were enrolling and buying courses from there.

What do you think of MOOCS?

 We have come a long way, I had posted a question are MOOCs here to stay? And now we know MOOCs are not only here to stay but also the way forward. What do you think of MOOCs(Massive open online courses) for higher education? Is this concept here to stay or just a fad?

 >Education is essential or Not? 
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We are all going through a situation which we never thought we would ever be and on such a level, that entire 
world will be impacted. We are facing challenges with our professional lives, relationships, finances and general well being be it physical or mental. So we had to re-purpose all our plans and priorities. We are emphasizing on essentials.

  • My question Is what are these essentials?
  • Are these essentials same for everyone?
  • Is education an essential? if yes then why school fee is not being paid?
  • Expense incurred on upgrading your skills is it part of essentials too or not?
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