Following Rules?

Following Rules

I wonder why following rules and instructions is so hard for us. It appears to be a national issue. In the pre Covid era I had been traveling alot, and one thing I observed was for all age groups, it was difficult to stand in queues, they want to come last but wish to be served first. A simple instruction, to switch off your mobile when flight is taking off, how can it be so hard to follow. Be it youngsters, middle age or elderly people each one of them is defying it blissfully. Complying and following traffic rules and signals seems like people are being 
punished. Even following decorum of lock down for their own health and safety had to be imposed on people, why it is so incomprehensible?

I am trying to understand where did we go wrong? Now how can we fix this problem, general attitude and sentiment?

By Indu Bhargava

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